When you clean your kitchen, is it still cluttered?   Are you tired of cluttered countertops? 

Why is the kitchen always the hardest room to keep clean?

Years ago when we first redid our kitchen, everything looked fresh and new.   I strive to keep my kitchen in the same great condition as it was when we remodeled it four years ago.

Keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free allows you to keep an efficient kitchen and this allows for quick clean-ups.  

Here are some great tips to regain control of the clutter in your kitchen.   With these simple steps, your kitchen will have far less clutter.

Pull everything out the cabinets

Yup, you read this right, pull everything out of the cabinets.  This allows you to take inventory of all the things in your kitchen.  Doing this can help you decide what needs to go and what stays.   Here is a great way to make this determination.   Make three piles; keep, donate and trash.      If you have four of the same pans, I think it is time to donate the pan.    If something is broken and can’t be repaired- it’s time to trash it!  Something that you never use, I think it’s time to start putting that in the donation pile – AKA items you got for your shower that has sat in the cabinet still in the box – goes in the donation pile.   This will give you a fresh start to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Put everything back in places that make sense.

After taking inventory,  make sure you place things that you always use, somewhere that has easy access.   Things that you may not use all the time can go on the top shelf of your cabinets. 

Remove All Non-Kitchen Items

So those items from your shower that are still in the box, donate it. Things that you have used once – donate it.   Anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen gets rid of it.   Spend about an hour or two going through your drawers and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong or you don’t use.      This will allow you to have better access to your everyday needs.    Use drawer dividers, this will help keep utensils in order.  

Put small appliances away

Putting your toaster in the cabinet after you are done using it, will help clear your counter-tops and keep the clutter to a minimal.  If you use your toaster every day, store in an easy access cabinet.  

Organize cabinets by groups

Pots and pans should be organized in an easy access pantry and organized from smallest to biggest pans.  Keep your lids handy as well.   If everything goes back into its place, it eliminates clutter.   Consider spice racks too!

Get some control back from under your sink

Throw away any products that are rusted or just products at the tail end.   Think about taking a trip to the dollar store and buying plastic caddies to organize all your supplies.   While you are down under your sink, I strongly encourage you to take one of your cleaning products and Google exactly what you are using around your family, there are many safer options out there.  

Rearrange your fridge

Where are you placing your food in your fridge?   This matters to help keep yourself not only organized but helps preserve food.  The bottom shelf should always be for all your dairy items.   The door should be used to store condiments.  Make sure to check the expiration date on your condiments periodically.   All perishable food items should be stored in the back or bottom of the fridge.   All produce should go in the drawer.

Organize your freezer according to sections; meats, veggies, desserts.

Going to the dollar store and stocking up divider baskets can help you have easy access and help keep your freezer organized.   Labels help organize leftovers so you actually know what is in your freezer.  

Keep a junk drawer

We have phone chargers in these drawers, pens, pads, scissors, etc.  Having a junk drawer for all your odds and ends can help keep your countertops clear.   

Keep a bills’ folder in your junk drawer

When the bills come in do, they go on your kitchen counter?   Or paperwork you need for the day out on your countertop or possibly your kid’s never-ending artwork (Check out my Instagram for our artwork wall).    Having this folder handy in your junk drawer or your cabinet can help eliminate kitchen clutter.  

Happy Organizing!