Hey Momma,

I’m Evonna! I’m a wife and mom to 3 kids! Together we make up #atribecalledchaos.

If you love DIY, kids stuff and everything in between, you’ll feel right at home here!!  I will share all my mommy tips and tricks on how we started our journey with more natural living, saving a few dollars, recipes and most importantly how I survive three kids!!


Before my squad of five was fully formed and upon graduating from college, I had a career in sales and enjoyed being a businesswoman. Working for a Fortune 50 company I was offered a position as a National Sales Trainer traveling all over the country training front-line employees.

I was proud of my success and accomplishments but family came first.  When my second son was born, my husband and I decided it was best for our family for me to work from home. 

Fun Fact about yours truly,

I am Polish. Polish was my first language and I have an upbringing that entailed going to Polish school every Saturday morning, eating Polish food and following Polish traditions.  

Growing up I didn’t appreciate the value of traditions as much as I do now.  As an adult and a mother, I now understand how precious those memories are to me and how they are a part of who I am today.

I was also featured in Health Wellness and Fitness Magazine.   You can see that here.