Who doesn’t love a good fall DIY project? I love decorating for the fall season.  Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Halloween, it just isn’t complete without Pumpkins. These painted pumpkins look great and add color to your fall décor on a budget.  I bought most of the bigger pumpkins from the dollar store, but most of the smaller ones I had from previous years.  I love this DIY hack, and I was a painting machine this past weekend, it’s an inexpensive way to add a farmhouse look to your fall decorations.   Let’s face it these dollar store pumpkins aren’t exactly the most realistic color, so here is what I did with them.

 First up Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Topiaries

What you will need:

  • 3 Dollar Store Pumpkins
  • Paint (you can use any paint really)
  • Moss
  • Dollar Store Pot

I hot glued the moss on the edges on the pot. 

I painted all three pumpkins different farmhouse shades. These pumpkins are pretty bright orange, so I made sure to do at least two coats. 

After all the pumpkins dried, I put it all together with glue.

This is such a great decoration for fall and honestly can go any way to add a little pop of color.

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Unicorn Pumpkin

My daughter is obsessed with unicorns, so naturally, she loved the idea of a unicorn pumpkin. We stuck with the dollar store pumpkin and got creative to make this one as easy as possible since she is only two and a half.

 So this is what I used: 

  • Dollar Store Pumpkin.
  • Unicorn headband for the dollar spot at Target
  • Paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Black paint or permanent marker

    Paint your pumpkin. I chose pink, but white looks just as cute. 

    After the paint dries, that is when I took apart the headband. To take apart the headband, I just cut the fabric off the plastic part. 

    I glued the ears back together and then glued them right onto the pumpkin. 

    After I glued the horn and ears, I freehanded painted my lashes. I am not the best artist, but I came out pretty good and my daughter doesn’t seem to mind.  

    After your lashes are dry, you have your unicorn pumpkin.  

Sports Fans Pumpkin

This sports pumpkin was a super easy pumpkin to make.  My son loved this, especially since he is a die-hard Eagles fan. 

So this is what you need: 

  • Paint (colors of your team)
  • Paintbrush
  • Logo from your favorite team. I have a cricket machine, so I just printed out my logo.   You can either paint your logo on or look to see if ETSY or Amazon has your team logo stickers.

So here is what I did:

I painted my pumpkin kelly green.

 After the pumpkin dried, I added my sports logo to the pumpkin.   I have a Cricut machine so I just printed mine.  If you are an artist you can draw it or get the logo from amazon or even Etsy 🙂 

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DIY Dollar Store Painted Pumpkins

Painting these pumpkins was such a super easy project, and it turned out cute.  This is pretty obvious what you need; you can paint the pumpkins any color that you desire. I tried to stick the farmhouse colors. 

Well I hope you enjoyed your budget friendly pumpkin painting, hope it adds a little zest to your fall decorating.  🙂