Tips on saving BIG at the grocery store.  

Let’s face it feeding a family of 5 isn’t cheap by any means!   So anyway that I can save I try and save as much as I can.  When I hit up the grocery store, I save anywhere from $75-$100 each trip.   A big tip is to shop with a list and stick to that list.  Here is another way, grocery stores know that you are willing to pay more for non-grocery items and there is a markup for non-grocery items. So try not to buy them there. It is worth an extra stop!  The same goes for researching before you go to your grocery store.   Check out what is on sale and make your list from there. Check out the front page of your grocery store Ads, this is where they advertise the big sale items of the week.   I make my meal plans for the week on what is on sale.  I make healthy non-processed foods for my family, and it entirely can be done and I save big!  A little preparation before you head to the grocery store will save you big in your wallet.  All right, let’s dive in.

1.    Check out the weekly circular to see what’s on sale.   In my weekly circular occasionally, they have $8.00 off $75.00.  So make sure you pay attention to your weekly circular and store coupons.  If you are not getting weekly coupons sent to your home, check with the customer service desk at your grocery store to get yourself added to the mailing list.  Also, consider shopping somewhere where they do a price match or even a point system.  For example, my grocery store does 5% coupons every time I spend $300.00.   This adds up very quickly! Price match is also a big win, some people do not even realize their grocery store offers this.  

2.    If your grocery store has an app, download that to your phone.  Once you download that app to your phone, the coupons will load right to your bonus card.  The store coupons can be added in conjunction with your manufacturer’s coupon – this is always a big score!

3.  Download Ecoupons.  I like because you can download the app and add the coupons directly to your bonus card.  I love Ecoupons, they are right at your fingertips!! 

Other places to get coupons:

Grocery coupon cart  



Krazy Coupon Lady – The Krazy Coupon lady is the Yoda for all things coupons!  She even has an app that you can download right to your phone. 

4.    Download some money back apps as well.  I personally like Ibotta because I noticed they have the most variety of brands that I am already buying.   Browse the app by your retailer, add the offers, answer a few questions that take 2 seconds to respond, and lastly, snap a picture of your receipt and upload that photo.   They reimburse you with either gift cards or through Paypal.  Savings quickly add up.  If you sign up this month and use my referral code, eldswdt,  you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up here.

Hope you enjoy your extra savings!!!


Evonna Marie