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Potty training doesn’t have to be a stressful process at all.  In fact, you don’t want it to be stressful because then you are transferring the stress onto your toddler.  Make it as positive as possible!   With both of my boys, I tried to get it done as quickly as possible but also wanted to make sure they were ready so that they wouldn’t regress as well.   You can get potty training done in a weekend!    There are a few things you can do to prepare ahead of time.

Let’s get started…..

1. Our first steps in potty training were buying our toddler a potty!  We purchased our little froggy potty at around16 months to get him familiar with the Potty and pique his interest.  So naturally, he was curious and would sit on the potty fully clothed.  

2. Start reading books about toilet training.   We have a few, but my son liked this one.  I will leave a few more recommendations for potty training books that we read as well below.  Reading to your toddler will help them prepare for the potty process.  As we got closer to the potty training, I would always make sure a potty book was in our nightly story time routine.  

3. I highly recommend your toddler watching either a parent or sibling go to the bathroom; this helps them visually learn and was highly effective for both my boys. 

4. Having your child pick out his undies with his favorite character will give them the motivation they need to move past diapers and can also entice them to stay dry. We went shopping for “big boy pants,” and my son picked out his own Spider-man and Batman pants.  At night time we did do pull-ups, but during the day we did cotton undies.

5. We also made sure we brought up the potty in conversations with my son.  We talked a lot with my toddler about Potty Training ahead of time.  Talk about what happens when they go to the bathroom.  Talk about items in the bathroom and what they do – toilet, sink, sink dispenser, toilet paper, etc. 

6. Finally, after all the preparation, make sure your child is interested or understands what is happening, if not postpone your weekend boot camp.  With all our hard work beforehand,  both my boys were already expressing interest in going to the potty and were ready to go once the potty weekend was upon us.

Ready for your toddler’s weekend boot camp? 

You will want to pick three days where it is possible for you to stay at home!  Also, you will want to mentally prepare for the process and make sure you have everything you need.  Lots of cleaning supplies is always a plus!  

1. I am a big believer in going all in!  Starting on Day 1 When your toddler wakes up, put on their “big kids underwear” right away.  If they are in pull-ups, this is the same concept as a diaper.  

2. Ask your toddler frequently if they have to go and use the potty.  We had every 20-minutes potty breaks.  Every 20-minute potty breaks help prevent accidents! 

3. Give your toddler a book to read while on the potty or talk to them.  Anything so that they feel comfortable while on the potty.  Never keep them on the potty longer than 5 minutes.  You never want your toddler to get frustrated or develop an association of unpleasantness with the bathroom. 

4. Expect lots of accident, but you never want to shame them or get angry with them.  Change your toddler right away and gently explain that when they have to go potty to tell you.  It’s important not to make this an issue.  It took my son a good portion of the day to get used to the process. 

5. Once your toddler finally goes to the potty, rally around the house with a song and dance and give them all the positive reinforcement.  When we did the potty dance for my son, he would tell me that he had to go and use the potty more and more frequently. 

6. After being in the bathroom, teach your toddler to flush the toilet and wash their hands.  Teaching this early will become a habit and will help guide them to proper lifelong hygiene from the beginning.

7.  Be committed to the process.  On the fourth day, I would suggest getting dressed and getting out of the house, I put a potty in my car for convenience, and in case of an emergency. 

Every child is different, but this process worked like a charm for both of my boys.  Be patient and persistent and trust the process. I have two potty trained and one more to go!

If you are looking for some tips to help you prepare for your weekend bootcamp, make sure you check out my “7 Must Do Tips – Before you start Potty Training”.   You can grab that here.

Cheers to Mastering this Milestone!

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