Adding a workout routine to your busy schedule can be beneficial to your health, not to mention give you that extra pep in your step to help you keep up with your little people.   Squeezing a workout in is tough for a busy mom but it can be done.  First and foremost you have to find the motivation you need to keep you going with your workout routine.    

I want to mention one really important factor in succeeding in your path to a healthier lifestyle your diet should also be a priority as well.  One big tip that I suggest doing is meal preparation ahead of time, this always helps me stay on track.  When I am eating better, I am still more motivated to keep on track with my workouts.   Check out my Green Juice recipe for a healthy snack.  To make sure you get your workouts in I would suggest trying to get your workouts in before your little people wake up, nap time or when your little people get to bed.

Whether life gets in the way, little people or you are looking for something different here are some quick tips that will help you switch it up or even give you some options when you can’t make it to the gym a particular day you don’t have to sacrifice your workout routine.   My kids are my workout partners!  

1. On days when you cannot make it to the gym, or you are looking for some motivation to work out from home, YouTube is always an excellent option for me and the beautiful thing is it’s free.  They have videos that you can do in 25 minutes or even 60 minutes and depending on the intensity.  You have variation from Yoga, Pilates, cardio and also weight training.   BeFit has some great workouts on their YouTube channel and they have something for everyone on every fitness level.      Body Rock is also a great channel for some challenging workouts.  Tone it Up is a really great resource for exercises, and these girls definitely have a great energy about them which makes it easy to workout with them at home.   Although they do have a variety of workouts that are free on YouTube, it is worth joining their community on Instagram and you can take part in their bikini challenge that they offer and other beneficial tips that they offer.  

2. After my son was born I really wanted to get back into running but to be honest I wasn’t a runner at the time and was determined to get my stride back. I need a roadmap to get me back into a running regiment, the App that I use that helps me get back into running is C25K.   This App is the first place to visit for anyone looking to start running. After you graduate from the 5K it has a schedule to get you running a 10k next.   In no time I was running consistently and even participating in races.  I find that running is always best accompanied by a kick-butt playlist as well.  I will be running a half marathon by the late fall, and I started from scratch with this App. 

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3. If you are looking to get out of the house and looking for something to mix up your routine a little more than YouTube or running I highly recommend Class Pass.   ClassPass, provides access to yoga, strength training, barre, martial arts, Pilates, boxing, and indoor cycling classes, as well as the use of health clubs via its flat-rate monthly subscription billing service, with multiple subscription options.   The beautiful thing about Class Pass is it changes it up lets you try out numerous different studios in your area.  ClassPass will allow you to either cancel or freeze your membership all the time.   If you are looking to try this out to see if you like it, you can use.   To get $30 off your first month you can sign up here. 

Here’s to getting killer results, boosting your metabolism, building strength and most importantly building a healthier you – ENJOY!!!


Evonna Marie