Is everyone feeling cooped up and climbing the walls yet?  Are you still trying to limit the amount of screen time?   Kid’ school has been canceled indefinitely in some parts of the country and other states soon to follow.   

Parents are faced with the challenge of what to do with their kids while we are at home

 No one is sure how long this will last, but one thing is for sure keeping your kids busy and happy at home and coming up with something to do with them at home is pretty much ever parents’ biggest challenge right now; without driving yourself crazy in the process.    

If you are looking for ideas to occupy your kids to help keep your little ones (and you!) from climbing the walls while we are home, this list of ideas will keep you guys busy!

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Backyard Activities

  1. Bubbles
  2. Hide and Seek 
  3. Get the whole family involved in a game of tag.  
  4. Create an obstacle course 
  5. Hoola Hoop Challenge 
  6. Have a basketball, hockey, soccer, or football or game and get the whole family involved.  
  7. Hopscotch 
  8. Put together a relay race, especially if you have a big yard.  
  9. Sprints up and down your driveway or sidewalk
  10. Side Walk Chalk – Decorate your driveway. 
  11. Red light Green Light
  12. Scavenger hunt for bugs
  13. Bike ride around the neighborhood
  14. Jump Rope
  15. Water Table – something about the water table that my kids love.   If you don’t have a water table you can always just sue the biggest Tupperware tub you have to fill it with water.   

Indoor Activities

  1. Scavenger Hunt –  Create a scavenger hunt with things around your home.   
  2. Dance Party –  Put some of your favorite songs on and bust a groove right in your kitchen. 
  3. Yoga – YouTube has a ton of free content, and a lot of local gyms are streaming free classes now as well.  
  4. Mani and Pedi – Spa day my daughter loves this.  
  5. Mini Trampoline – This burns so much energy and my kids don’t seem to get tired of it.  
  6. Have a tea party with all your stuffed animals and inviting either a grandparent or friend through Facetime.  
  7. Hopscotch with painters’ tape.  
  8. Create a fort/campsite with tea lights.  
  9. Floor Puzzles 
  10. Board games – Here are some fun ones with your kids: Connect Four, Guess Who, Life
  11. Set up a circuit of workouts – Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and burpees.  
  12. Build a lego city – if you have many legos;  you can print out directions from the internet
  13. Nerf War – If you have boys you have a ton of nerf guns, this can be a whole family affair.  
  14. Play-Doh – Add some kitchen tools to make it more interesting. 
  15. Play Restaurant – One person can be the chef, waitress/waiter, and customer.   We get out our play kitchen and all of our play food out.  
  16. Race Track Tape – Build our own race track with road tape.  
  17. Snowball fight – This is something the whole family can get involved in.  
  18. Indoor bowling – You can use one like this or use plastic water bottles and some softballs.  
  19. Make a jumping pile – You can use clothes, pillows for your kids to jump into.  
  20. Play dress up – Think cops and robbers or dress up as your favorite princess.