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Whether you are hitting the road or hitting the blue skies there could be a number of hassles traveling with kids.

There was a time when I would throw a few things in a bag and take off for a few days; those days are a distant memory. Now traveling with kids is a whole different playing field.

Traveling with my family brings in a whole different level of joy but requires a lot of organization and planning. Traveling with kids can also be very stressful, too, if it’s not planned out well. For some, it can be a real pain and enough to make to pull your hair out.

Today I will share with you my best tips and tricks for traveling with little ones. For those of you who are new to my blog, I have three kids, 13, 5, and 2. I feel we got the hang of traveling, and I am confident that my tips will help make it a smooth ride.

Start By Making a List 

Before you hit the road a list is a great place to start.  If you have been around my blog for a while you know that I love my lists.

I start my list by writing days how many days we are going.    From the beginning of the day and think about exactly what you will need for each day, from bath time, mealtime and bedtime.   Then I look to see what I can eliminate to make packing more efficient. 

Plan Outfits Ahead of Time 

If you do not plan this out properly you can really overpack and having too much clothing can be overwhelming as well.   But on the same token always find a way to new and creative ways to destroy their clothing every day, so never forget that extra outfit (or two).  Especially on your carry on, if you are doing a road trip having easy access to a change of clothes is a must.  
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Plan Activities to Occupy Your Little Ones

Wondering how to occupy your little one on an are airplane or long car ride? 

This is probably at the top of every parent’s list.   Bringing age-appropriate toys for them to play with is important, that is why I broke down categories of things for them to bring below.   These are some things you definitely do not want to leave home without, check out my suggestions below, and everything is conveniently from Amazon. 

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Snacks Snacks and More Snacks   

If you have kids you know how important snacks are, and to be honest some days my kids survive on snacks.  This you cannot over pack.  Dry snacks, fruits, drinks and water bottles.   If you need an idea for ice packs for your small cooler can always freeze some yogurt pouches.  Snacks are life and they can also help occupy your kids.   Don’t forget to pack some napkins and baby wipes.   With that being said don’t forget to pack some snacks for yourself.  

Make Sure to Pack Whatever Your Kids Use for Nap Time 

Let’s face it if your child slept most of the trip, it would be pure happiness for everyone.    Make sure you have everything they need to have a comfortable sleep.   If your child has a special pillow, blanket or stuff animal make sure you have that on hand for your little one to be able to nap as comfortable as possible.   If your child uses a sound machine think about downloading an app.  Window shades can also be great if you are on a long car trip.    On a plane, you can always just pull the shades down if you have access. 

Be Prepared for Everything and Anything  

Let’s face it traveling with kid’s anything can happen.

We have learned the hard way that traveling without a bucket has made traveling interesting, to say the least. If you are traveling by plane a bucket may not be convenient, however, you can always have a small first aid kit you can always make sure you have plastic bags in there. Some other things to have are band-aids, disinfecting wipes, and any travel size over the counter medicines that you may need such as over-the-counter drugs like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, this can help make or break your trip.

Also, make sure you have everything that you can imagine you will need at hand.

Well, you use my tips can help make your trip as pleasant as possible – Safe Travels, and make sure you check out my travel must-haves below.

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Things to Make Them Cozy


Games & Art Activities

Water Bottles & Snacks

Good luck with packing and happy travels with your kiddos!