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Create-a-Chore Chart + Routine -Kid Kit

Create-a-Chore Chart + Routine -Kid Kit

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Simplify the "chores" and help teach your child the reward of independence and let them learn responsibilities, while creating a comforting routine for them. 

Perfect for ages 3 thru Elementary, there are several age appropriate tasks to choose from, and a chart for morning and evening.  

ALSO Great for children with special needs!!

Whether it's getting dressed, brushing their teeth, or helping to tidy up, it's well known that children appreciate routine, and this is the perfect way to accomplish that! 

Kit Includes: 

Print ready PDF's with 2 Chore Charts (one for morning and one for evening), and 27- chore/routine options that can be cut and placed on the chore chart as they are completed.  

Tips on using: You can velcro the back of the "chores" to the chart of choice as tasks are completed, OR you can simply tape or paste the chores to the chart of choice, and give your child an easy, visual checklist for their daily routine.  


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